Flying S Beef
No grain, simply grass. Just as nature intended.

Halves: approx 300lbs (hanging) x $4.75/lb = $1425 (which will be approx 200lbs of packaged meat)
Quarters: approx 150lbs (hanging) x $5.00/lb = $750 (which will be approx 100lbs of packaged meat)

What Does a Quarter Look Like?
Here’s some photos to give you an idea. The average quarter has 3 big bags. The freezer in the picture is a 15 cu. ft chest freezer (about 4ft long).

Placing An Order:
  1. Fill in the Beef Order Form and send back with a $50 deposit check made out to Flying S.
  2. Look for an email to confirm receipt of your form/check and the expected date the meat will be ready.
  3. When beef is ready for pick up come to the Flying S Beef House (yellow building) at 17594 E. 500th Ave, Palestine IL, 62451 to make final payment and collect beef. Click here for a map.

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